Global ecological crisis is going to determinate the future of human societies on our planet, indeed, it’s happening now. M1 strives to make things more comfortable while we walk into an uncertain future. Breath pure clean air, feel a soft breeze grazing your skin and forget you are wearing an anti-pollution mask.

M1 is an urban-mask designed to assist your breath and to provide a fresh atmosphere inside the mask. Surrounding air is conducted inside the mask which improves the quantity of purified air you need while reducing temperature and humidity around the covered skin.

An external device equipped with a micro-fan and a control system helps to push the air into your nose and mouth through an air-filter which combines HEPA and active carbon layers.

Efforts are focused on avoiding the awkward sensation caused by temperature and humidity increment inside the mask. A constant air flow is brought in through an axial fan fully integrated on the outlying device.

Because your face is unique, M1 comes outfitted with a set of silicone adaptors for your nose and chin. Plug them on the inner-mask-structure and let the mask embrace your face.

Until now facewear fashion has gravitated around glasses and jewellery, exactly, until today.

Comfort, durability and easy to clean, these are our three statements for the textile selection. M1 is compose by two layers of fabric, in the outside a mixture of cotton and polyester meanwhile all the pieces which are in contact with the skin are made by fine cotton.

Technical specification
Clima device

Micro-fan: DC Axial Fan. 5,1m3/h. 0.58W. 5V
Battery: Lithium-ion 400 mAh. 4h constant use
Port: 1 x Micro USB
Case: 2 x ABS Injected moulded


Fabric: poliester and cotton mixture
Frames:2 x ABS injected moulded
Face Adaptors: 2 x elastomer
Filter: HEPA + Carbon filter removable layers