Ignacio Merino is a multidisciplinary designer born in Spain. Born in Spain, he resided in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. Upon his graduation from the Zaragoza University’s Product Design Engineer program, he continued to work for many Italian and German automakers, including Maserati and Audi.

In 2016 he eventually moved to Switzerland where he mastered on Product Design at ECAL, collaborating with brands such a Qwstion, Foscarini and MIT-FormLab.

After relocating to Italy, he worked as Design-Researcher at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano together with Nitzan Cohen at the Design Friction Lab, leading the Sustainable Smart Parasite project, (printed technologies applied to nano-electronics) as well as carrying out the DIYR project (the future of open source: manufacturing aesthetics and logic), 2018-22.

Currently he is leading the design team at Align Office, Red Dot Award winner 2020.

Ignacio is concern about the complexity of modern constructions. Understand and reinterpret the interaction of our complex surrounding is the current goal of his work.


39100, Bolzano, Italy

+34 687 144 803




↗ Red Dot Award for Awake 1.0 – 720Protections by ALIGN OFFICE, 2020

CEEI Aragon, IDEA contest, Second prize for AEFACTS: “Improving energy efficiency in heavy transport vehicles”, 2013

Scientific publications


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Group Exhibitions

“Sustainable Smart Parasites”, Neues Museum Nuernberg, MATERIAL+ Future issues in design, 2023

“Europa20”, Bolzano Art Week, 2022

“Homegrown”, Bolzano Art Week, 2021

↗  “Sustainable Smart Parasites”, CHI Italy, Free University of Bolzano, 2021

“ECAL Digital Market” enters the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, 2021

↗ “ECAL DIGITAL MARKET”, Cibone Store, Tokyo, 2019

“ECAL DIGITAL MARKET”, Exhibited at V&A Museum, London, 2018

“ECAL DIGITAL MARKET” Vitra Design Museum, 2018

“ECAL DIGITAL MARKET” Milan design week, Spazio Orzo 16, 2018

↗ “Four by Three x QWSTION”, ECAL X QWSTION, Zurich, 2018

“Four by Three x QWSTION”, Viena Design Week, 2017

Press and Magazines

Dezeen – ‘ÉCAL students transform Milanese palazzo into 3D-printing factory’

↗ Material Driven – ‘Industrial PMMA tubes brought to life–The Morsetto Lamps’

Design Boom, 2018

Color and Trim Factory

Viena Design Week

Dezeen – ‘QWSTION teams up with ECAL students to explore new ways of carrying’

Carryology – ‘ECAL + QWSTION: These Student Prototypes Will Blow Your Mind’