Ignacio Merino is a multidisciplinary designer born in Spain. With a cosmopolitan character, he lived in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Between 2012 to 2016 he stayed immerse in the Italian and German automotive industry working for Maserati and Audi among other brands.

In 2016 he eventually moved to Switzerland where he mastered on Product Design at ECAL, collaborating with brands such a Qwstion, Foscarini and MIT-FormLab.

After moving back to Italy, he worked as Design-Researcher at Bolzano University together with Nitzan Cohen in the Design Friction Lab, leading the Sustainable Smart Parasite project, (printed technologies applied to nano-electronics) as well as carrying out the DIYR project (the future of open source: manufacturing aesthetics and logic), 2018-22.

Currently he is leading the design team at Align Office, Red Dot Award winner 2020.

Ignacio is concern about the complexity of modern constructions. Understand and reinterpret the interaction of our complex surrounding is the current goal of his work.


39100, Bolzano, Italy

+34 687 144 803